The Lighthouse | Frankfort, Michigan

The City of Frankfort wanted to share the history of their town with a playground. Named long ago after a small fort settlement built by a man named Frank (hence: Frankfort),the City’s new playground also began with a fort. This fort is the perfect place for young children to explore and discover play activities and engage in imaginative play.

There are two working lighthouses near the playground on Lake Michigan, so GameTime’s PlayWorx division created a play space that included a custom lighthouse structure. Frankfort is also known for its railroad car ferry that transported cargo across Lake Michigan. We designed a ship-themed play structure that represents this important part of the city’s history. A train-themed play structure was also added for 2-5 year old children.

To complete the playground, we added swings, a spiral slide and swinging benches so the adults could sit and watch the kids play. Built completely by volunteers, the playground is the perfect representation of the people, the history and the spirit of the town it represents.

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